The Boulder Area Chamber of Commerce (BACC) invites you to join or renew.

A Chamber of Commerce is a business network, whose goal is to advocate for and support the interests
of businesses and like-minded individuals. Small business communities like ours are primarily made up
of the self-employed, the independent contractors, craftsmen and artisans, farmers and ranchers.
However, no business can thrive without a strong community that includes financial options, business
resources, good schools and affordable housing. Entrepreneurs and small businesses are key engines of
economic growth and job creation. You – as well as your neighborhood business community – depends
upon access to local purchases, resources and financial credit. Therefore, we all strive to work together.

Some ask “Why join the Boulder Area Chamber of Commerce?”

  • Joining a local Chamber of Commerce gives businesses credibility and opportunity.
    Many buyers look first to do business with Chamber members.
  • The Chamber purchases advertising for other local events and business names are
    included in those ads, again creating sales opportunities and added value.
  • The Chamber supports economic development within the community. A strong, growing,
    inclusive community attracts families interested in relocating. With new residents, the
    property tax burden is shared more broadly. Schools have greater enrollment and their
    operating budgets thus supported are less likely to be subject to increased mil levies.
  • Your membership supports vital upcoming economic development and improvement
    opportunities within our community.
  • Your dues may be tax deductible.

The Chamber will continue to promote the following sponsored events and encourage the participation of
area businesses, artists and craftsmen:

  • Comunity-wide garage sale (annually in June)
  • Local Farmer’s Market (weekly, July through September)
  • Classic Car Show (annually in August)
  • Music & Arts Festival (annually in September)
  • Holiday Christmas Bazaar (annually in November)


Do you desire to become a business owner? Need help?
Western Montana SCORE is a team of nationally Certified Mentors who provide free
professional counseling to aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners
Contact the Local Helena SCORE Chapter at: 406.442.4986 or online at