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In partnership with the Jefferson CountyTobacco Use Prevention Program, DUI Task Force, and the Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program, the 21st Century students (4-8 grades) have developed a 2017 calendar with their own artwork.

This calendar is available for a donation to the 21st Century Program. A table will be set up on Thursday, January 5th, in the Elementary, while you pick your children up from the Afterschool Program.

You may donate & purchase a calendar by emailing Rochelle Hesford at or by calling 225-3164. Please support this fantastic program and the kids who put so much work into this project!
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Boulder Area Chamber of Commerce - Boulder Montana shared NPR's live video. ... See MoreSee Less

Mobile homes can be one way for people to find affordable housing. But many communities are set up in a way that treats the residents like serfs. NPR’s Danny Zwerdling explains his recent investigation into how mobile home owners are solving this problem by forming co-ops.

CONGRATULATIONS to the Winners in our Christmas Decorating Contest!! We had more businesses voted on than ever before! Great job Boulder Businesses!! 1st Place went to the Boulder Medical Clinic, 2nd Place was Mountain Good Restaurant, while Hardware Hank won the 3rd Place prize. Again, thank you so much for your participation! ... See MoreSee Less